Thoughts for the day

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Thoughts for the day

Post by Scotty » Thu Jan 31, 2008 6:32 pm

Hi All,

There have been a few posts from you that have been marked as "spam"

by the yahoo gods. I have not caught them in a timely manner and they

are posted now.

If you post a message here, and it doesn't get to the group page

within an hour or so, check on our group "Home" page and see if there

are any new "spams". Then email me to get my attention and I'll

approve the posting. I think it only occurs when an attachment is

included with your post, but I'm not sure.

Mike's pictures of the SLIM mixer boards reminded me to say

something I forgot. For the Beta builders: Don't worry about

trimming your pwb to the exact size. I will do that with my handy

dandy Dremel tool when I get your modules.


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